Erasmus Plus training course: 

Creative lesson planning ( Inovative education and creative lesson add-ins)

How to incorporate alternative activities in your lesson planning 

Course overview

Are you wondering how to introduce new activities in the classroom? Are you out of new and exciting ideas but over worksheets? Are you and your learners lacking motivation? Do you know how to effectively incorporate direct methods in class?

Everyone learns in a different way. Traditional ways of teaching based heavily on lecturing has proven inefficient for learners. Through our experience, we have learned that there are different ways educators can help students reach their academic potential.

As a result, this Erasmus Plus training course was designed and created to showcase the different approaches an educator can use within their classrooms, both in person and online. This course will help demonstrate the different ways an educator can effectively promote educational material to learners of all ages. Our trained teachers will show participants with practical exercises how they too can incorporate such components.

Available course dates:

12. - 17. 9. 2021.
26. 9. - 1. 10. 2021.
10. - 15. 10. 2021.
25. - 31. 10. 2021.
7. - 12. 11. 2021.
21. - 26. 11. 2021.
28. 11. - 3. 12. 2021.
5.-10. 12. 2021.
16. - 21. 1. 2022.
30. 1. - 4. 2. 2022.
13. - 18. 2. 2022.
27. 2. - 4. 3. 2022.
27. 3. - 1. 4. 2022.

Main objectives 

The focus of this Erasmus Plus training course is to generate alternative lesson plans and incorporate a range of activities to classes. The general aim of this Erasmus Plus training course is to present new methods to all educators and show them how to practically include them in their own planning.

Participants can expect to:

  • Learn how to formulate their own direct method lessons
  • Partake in exercises focused around the senses
  • Be guided to create their own alternative lessons
  • Adapt lessons for online learning
  • Become familiar with incorporating extracurricular activities at their institutions

Daily Program

Arrival of participants
- Orientation with the city and venue
- Guided tour of the city
- Welcome dinner
*Please note that arriving on Sunday is mandatory for all Erasmus+ participants.

- Introductions and warm-up activities
- General course overview for the week
- Training

- Creating personalized style lessons
- Presenting planned lesson(s) to the group
- Troubleshooting and feedback

- Overview of how to engage the senses in the classroom
- Sight-based workshop - encouraging abstract ideas, creative writing and storytelling
- Smell-based workshop - invoking pre-existing knowledge to apply new concepts
- Touch-based workshop - learning through interactive materials

- Sound theory + media workshop - incorporating a variety of tools in classroom learning
- Body movement workshop - understanding the importance of interaction
- Team building in the classroom - promoting time management and conflict resolution skills

- Arts and culture workshop - how to promote incidental learning
- Alternative lesson plans - creating your own personalized plans
- Invoking learning outside the classroom
- General wrap-up discussion and final remarks
- Final evaluation and certification ceremony
- Further mentoring on specific topics (optional)

Who is it for?
This Erasmus plus training course is designed for any educator/teacher responsible for teaching learners from preschool to continuing education.

Language proficiency
This Erasmus Plus training course is best suited for those with at least a B1 certificate. All of the exercises and materials will be presented in English. If there is a group of more than 5 participants it is possible to attend the course in Croatian.

With the aim to involve active participation and achieve the best learning experience, the course methodology is based on dynamic, innovative and creative methods of experiential learning.

It consists of:
Theoretical work - If you do not know what you are talking about, you will not be able to apply it. Nowadays, more and more emphasis is put on practical learning, yet theory is a necessity. You have to know the background of a subject to be able to pinpoint its challenges.

Practical work - Through practical workshops and interactive tasks you will gain personal experience that will help you understand and implement ideas in your own work.

Coaching - Each participant in the course will get the opportunity to receive direct feedback from our coaches. These individual consultations will result in being able to better position your skills in your respected organisation

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accommodation 4-star hotel, meals, one-day excursion, guided Zagreb city centre tour,
networking events, work materials and certificate: 1.150,00 EUR


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