Erasmus Plus training course: 

Intensive English course
for educational staff

Improve your confidence in speaking English with the assistance of an innovative, dynamic and interactive method

These course can be also funded through the Erasmus+ program. For more information contact your National Agency.

Course overview

Do you have a problem when you need to speak in English? Does your confidence in speaking suddenly drop when you have to say something in public?
Nowadays, there is more and more pressure to speak English on a daily basis. For the majority of us, understanding English is not an issue. Problems come up when we need to speak, because often our confidence disappears and we go blank. Even the simplest of words fail us, which can be very frustrating and sometimes humiliating.

At Initiative for Education we offer specialized English courses that strongly focus on speaking and improving fluency.

With the Callan Method for English language learning, trained teachers make participants speak from the moment they enter the classroom. Our dynamic and fast-paced method is taught by native speakers who ask participants questions designed for their level. The teachers then assist learners in their answers and correct any inconsistencies in their pronunciation. Participants will also be guided through relevant workshops that will assist in their daily operations.

Available course dates:
Location:  | Zagreb, Croatia |

10.4.-15.4. 2022.

Available course dates:
Location:  | Split, Croatia |












Main objectives 

The focus of this Erasmus Plus training course is to promote fluency to all members of an educational organisation through structured Callan Method English lessons and a variety of workshops.
Participants will be instructed entirely in English on proper pronunciation and sentence structure, and will use the power of repetition to achieve this smoothly. Participants will also be guided on creating professional documentation such as letters, memorandums and agendas.

Participants can expect to:

  • Learn to speak confidently
  • Actively speak in English at all times
  • Improve their understanding and listening skills
  • Repeat grammar and sentence structures
  • Be instructed on how to properly pronounce words and complex sentences
  • Become familiar with technical English for professional activity
  • Improve their presenting and speaking skills in English

Daily Program

Arrival of participants
- Orientation with the city and venue
- Guided tour of the city
- Welcome dinner
*Please note that arriving on Sunday is mandatory for all Erasmus+ participants.

- Introductions and warm-up activities
- General course overview - what to expect in the upcoming week
- Introduction to the Callan Method
- Callan Method English lessons
- Walking tour of Zagreb

- Callan Method English lessons
- Lunch/city excursion
- Callan Method English lessons
- Grammar LAB - revision of the most important and common grammar rules

- Callan Method English lessons
- Workshop: correspondence tools - essential rules for writing emails, letters, documents
- Workshop: communication skills - how to effectively communicate in calls, meetings, conferences

- Callan Method lessons
- Workshop: small talk - guided tips and tricks on how to improve your conversational skills
- Workshop: Presentation skills - learn how to present yourself and your institution)
- Cultural activities 

- Final examination
- 1-on-1 consultations
- Closing notes and conversation/discussion
- Course roundup and final evaluation
- Certification ceremony

Who is it for?
This Erasmus Plus training course is designed for any member of an educational organisation, be it trainers, school management, administration staff, marketing advisors, etc.

Language proficiency
This Erasmus Plus training course is best suited for those with at least a B1 level of knowledge. All of the exercises and materials will be presented in English. 

Our mission is very simple. We want to help you speak English confidently and without a mental barrier.
We help people speak English confidently and free them of the fear of making mistakes. The Callan Method is a fast and dynamic method that consists of guided conversation with native speakers. Our students learn English actively, practising it during the lesson. The goal of the method is to improve your listening, understanding and speaking skills. The method focuses on spoken language, not traditional, high English.
Callan classes are fast-paced, dynamic and interactive! During a Callan Method lesson, students speak English the whole time, and the teachers are there to correct your mistakes! Repetition makes you more fluent and, most importantly, raises your confidence level and frees you from your fear of speaking.

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