Engleski za više stupnjeve – Fobije nastale u Hrvatskoj

Ovaj je članak pisan na engleskom i prikladan je za sve koji su u našoj školi prošli 6. stupanj po Callanu ili B1.2. po europskoj ljestvici. Ako ne poznajete neke od riječi, provjerite osnovni vokabular na dnu stranice 😉 

Do you suffer from any of these 4 phobias?

Since all of our teachers here at Inicijativa are foreigners (native English speakers), we share a lot of the same experiences. When we moved to Croatia, it was a little bit of a culture shock for all of us. There are quite a few things in Croatia that seem a little strange and irrational to us. Today, let me walk you through some of the common phobias we have identified in the Croatian population. 🙂

Anemophobia – fear of air draughts

We've all heard the stories. Somebody had been sitting in a draught with wet hair and, as a result of that, caught pneumonia. A paralyzed neck, the flu, inflammations and infections – all consequences of this deadly wind current. Horrific stuff. The wind can kill you. We also have draughts in Australia, but they're actually welcomed on a hot day. 🙂 It's something pleasant. The concept of it as a bad thing just doesn't exist. Sometimes, I don't know if it's all a big joke that Croatians are playing on foreigners. 🙂

I'm sure that this susceptibility of getting sick after spending time in a draught is not an evolutionary problem. Some of us have Croatian blood in us, but we never seem to get sick from a draught. So I am convinced that it can only be a cultural/psychological phenomenon. We also don't understand how it's not okay to sit in a draught, but it is okay to sit on a windy beach. When you use a hairdryer, why isn't it a problem that the air is blowing directly at your head?

We don't understand. Maybe it's a special type of wind that only hits this region of the world. This magic wind doesn't blow in America, England, Canada or Australia. I've asked people, I've done my research 😉 I think this is a case of mind over matter.

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Macrophobia – fear of queues

A queue is when people stand in line to wait for something. The point of the queue is to keep order in a public place. In a fair society, those who arrive earlier should get served before those who arrive later. No pushing in. Of course, Croatians know (at least, theoretically) what a queue should look like. But they will do anything to avoid it. Queues are non-existent at bakeries, for example. You must ask who was last, and keep an eye on who came in after you. Everyone stands in random spots around the bakery.  Why keep things easy, it's better to complicate 🙂

This is a perfect tactic for those who want to push in and avoid waiting at all. Usually, these people are oblivious to the fact that you are standing directly in front of them. “Oh, I didn't see you there. Were you here before me?“ While you are answering their question, they are already in the process of ordering: “I'll have a cheese pastry, two cups of yoghurt, one loaf of bread – not too soft, not too crunchy. The one on the top, left-hand corner. No, not that one. Actually, forget what I just said. I want a baguette. Do you think cornbread is better than white? Is it freshly-baked? I want one that's still warm. Oh, I nearly forgot – four doughnuts. My grandkids are coming over today. Two jam, two chocolate. Can you hurry that up a bit? I'm going to miss my bus."

Rhytiphobia - fear of unironed or wrinkled clothes

Sure, iron your business shirt. That's quite all right. But in Croatia, ironing is an unavoidable pastime, usually taken on in the evening hours. The domestic female in the family sets up her ironing board in front of the TV to prepare for a good 2-3 hours of work. Why? I don't know why. Towels, socks, underwear, handkerchiefs - all things that are not on public display, and therefore, have no need to be ironed. I hear that it's to kill bacteria. But the clothes are washed at 90 degrees. Ironing jeans? Sorry, what? Us foreigners iron much, much less. Once you put a t-shirt on, it irons itself out on the body. I, for one, never iron anything. Literally. And I sure hope that no one has noticed. 🙂

Cathisophobia  - fear of sitting down

One of my English friends went to a football game with some of the locals. When they got there, he was handed a supermarket catalogue. “No, thank you,“ he said. “I've already done the shopping for this week.“  If you're Croatian, I don't need to explain why he was given that catalogue. You understand. But for my English friend, it was a confusing gesture. A well-meaning but confusing gesture. “It's for you to sit on,“ said his friend. To this day, he is still confused. But it is a law of the land in Croatia.

No matter where you go in Croatia, it is forbidden to rest your bottom on any surface without putting a cushion or piece of cardboard in between yourself and the step/grass/plastic seat. Not doing this can supposedly result in kidney issues or infertility in women. A really special form of cathisophobia specific to this area of the world. 🙂

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Do you suffer from any of these phobias? Have you ever experienced some irrational fears in this country? Comment on this post and share your thoughts with us 🙂


draught - propuh

susceptibility - podložnost

queue - red

random - nasumice

oblivious – nesvjestan

wrinkled - zgužvano

pastime - hobi