U svakom poslu razliku čine ljudi. U našem poslu su to naši teacheri koji zaista čine razliku, uz vrijedni rad ureda Inicijative.
Svaki je polaznik poseban, svi teacheri su posebni i ponosni smo na sve članove našeg tima. Svi naši teacheri su izvorni govornici engleskog jezika što uvelike pomaže Vama u savladavanju engleskog jezika.

izvorni govornici - domagoj

Croatia - UK

Domagoj was born in Osijek. What originally was meant to be a few months of fun in London ended up being 14 years of a life changing experience. He finished CELTA there (Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Adults). In 2009 love brought him to Zagreb, and the first door he knocked on in pursuit of work was that of Inicijativa. He has been teaching English here ever since, and loves it. Students can see him cycling across Zagreb trying to get from A to B to C and beyond. He also enjoys swimming, travelling, and absolutely breathes music.

izvorni govornici - ema


After completing her Journalism Degree, Ema wanted to get back to her roots and decided to leave Sydney to settle in Split. This Aussie has been working at Inicijativa since 2008 and runs the school in Split. She loves to travel, which she says is much easier now that all her favourite destinations are much closer to home. She loves going to rock concerts, watching Hajduk and hanging at the beach.

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izvorni govornici - branimir


Brane moved here from Sydney, Australia in the mid 90s. He planned on staying for only a few months but fell in love with Croatia. He has an English Literature Degree from Zagreb University. Brane loves teaching because it gives him the opportunity to meet amazing people. His hobbies include cooking, cricket, football and kickboxing. He also loves good music, films and books.

izvorni govornici - maja


Raised in Vermont, USA, Maja spent her summer holidays in Croatia, which left a special place in her heart. After 16 years of living in the snowy Green Mountains, she and her family decided to swap the snow for crystal clear waters. As Vermont's own Robert Frost once wrote, "Two roads diverged in a wood", and Maja took the one leading to the sea. Favourite pastime? Maja loves experimenting in the kitchen while enjoying a glass of Brač's finest vino.

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izvorni govornici - alan


Born in Ireland, Alan has lived in many places since he was 18, but fell in love with Croatia while visiting his brother Sean. He loves how everyone here is so relaxed, and how the sun is always shining. He points out that he didn’t expect to find so much enjoyment in teaching and seeing the progress that his students make. In his free time he loves to read, walk, and socialize with friends.


Anthony is a Canadian who has been living in Croatia since 2017. He divides his time between learning Croatian, swimming, cycling, and playing football (to compensate for the lack of hockey). He also enjoys taking advantage of the close proximity to neighbouring countries with frequent road trips.

izvorni govornici - trevon


Trevon is from the USA, where he spent his childhood in beautiful LA. He likes the crazy night life, and enjoys travelling and meeting people from different cultures. After arriving to Croatia, he decided he wanted to contribute by teaching English and making the whole Inicijativa team laugh.

izvorni govornici  - ivana


Ivana lived on the "streets of Philadelphia" as a child. Also a musician, a wannabe Bob Dylan, she plays the acoustic guitar and sings in English as she tours Croatia under the moniker of "Billie Joan". In her free time she rides her bike across Split and it takes her a whole hour to drink a cup of coffee, so she really is a Split gal.

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izvorni govornici - michael

UK, London

Michael is from London. He moved to Split in 2015, looking to swap grey clouds for sunny skies. In Split, he works for a local NGO, runs his own business and teaches. When he's not busy at work, he's outside somewhere, either hiking, swimming or sipping a 'velika s toplim'.

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Donegal, IR

Stephen is from Donegal, Ireland. He studied vocals and music at the Royal Academy and the University of Ulster. He then taught vocals and choirs for three years. Stephen is also a chef as he studied cookery at Letterkenny Institute of Technology.  He came to Croatia nearly three years ago as a chef and then fell in love with his girlfriend, which is why he is still here. In his free time he loves traveling as much as possible, and of course, cooking.


Tamara is from a small place called Jelisavac (near Našice). After completing her degree in English and philosophy, she decided to explore her interest in different teaching methods and became a teacher at Inicijativa. Other than teaching, she enjoys hiking, travelling, photography and everything related to East Asian cultures.

Toronto, CA

Maria was born and raised in multicultural Toronto, Canada. She has an Honours bachelor degree from the University of Toronto and has completed Pastry Arts at the Culinary Institute of Switzerland. To paraphrase a scholar, she enjoys teaching because of the excitement and joy and the suspense in the journey. She loves exposing others to international cuisines, getting acquainted with Croatia’s hidden gems and hiking whenever she can.

Croatia- CA

Natalija is from Zagreb, where she lived most of her life. At the age of 22 she moved to Vancouver, Canada where she trained to teach English as a second language and discovered her love of poutine. She studied Anthropology and Dutch at the University of Zagreb and loves exploring different interests, from photography to cooking and knitting.

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