Effective Classroom Management Strategies in Bologna

Teacher's experience:Effective Classroom Management Strategies for Teachers and other Education Staff by ELA: Erasmus+ Training Courses for teachers and educational staff

Domagoj was born in Osijek. When he left for London for a few months, he didn’t expect that he would have stayed there for 14 years and that it would be an experience that would change his life forever. He completed the CELTA Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Adults. He came back to Zagreb in 2009 for love, and the first door he knocked on was that of our school, Inicijativa. Since then he has been teaching English at our school and loves his job. You can see him in the city, riding his bike speedily from point A to point B. When he isn’t at the school, he lives for music and travelling.

Domagoj Biondić

Strategies for Creating a Good Supportive Classroom

Very rarely can one say that their expectations have been exceeded, yet, that was exactly what happened to me during the time I spent in Bologna as part of Erasmus program.

The course I participated in was titled Effective Classroom Management and Strategies for Teachers. The main focus was on how to create a Good Supportive Classroom. 

Among many strategies/techniques we were taught there, the skills I am particularly grateful to have acquired are:

  • Using Emotional Intelligence in teaching, as well as at work, and everyday life in general

  • The importance of Grup Dynamics, Cooperative Learning and Collaboration and how to achieve that

  • What language to use to encourage Growth Mindset in students, and work colleagues alike, when giving feedback or helping them overcome struggles 

  • Conflict Management, that is, how to go about handling them (conflicts), understand them, and use them as opportunities to learn and grow

  • Different Instruction Teaching (Different Learning Needs=Different Learning Styles 

  • The interconnection of the above

Applying Classroom Management Strategies

Upon returning from Bologna, I’ve been applying those skills in my everyday life, both personal
(as a partner, friend, family member) and professional (as a teacher and work colleague), whenever a suitable situation presented itself; some successfully, some not 😊.

It is my plan to pass that knowledge onto my fellow teachers and work colleagues through a workshop (and/or any additional ones if needs be). I believe it’ll help improve our work environment, communication, and understanding. It will enable us to become better teachers, trainers, managers, fellow workers and human beings for that matter.

Classroom Management Strategies Benefit Our Students

It goes without saying that our students should, or rather, will benefit the most from all this as we’ll be able to apply more student-centred approach in a class. We will cater for their specific needs, yet function as a group, and as a result will boost their self-confidence, motivation and enthusiasm. We will make them more collaborative, involved and engaging and thus making their learning experience worthwhile and appreciated.

In other words, it will be a ‘win - win – win’ (school – teachers – students) situation for us all.

In addition to the inspiring course itself, mentioned at the beginning, we also enjoyed some truly amazing out – of – class / outdoor activities that included a super interested approach to sightseeing, group’s dinners and lunches. We also visited Florence, all of which contributed to an amazing experience, made me appreciate every second of being there, and helped me grow.

As I like to say: I’m still emotionally jet-lagged from my Bologna adventure 😊.

Domagoj Biondić

Domagoj has already organized workshops on classroom management strategies for his colleagues in Zagreb and Split.

The project is funded by the European Union. Erasmus+