Erasmus Plus - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Erasmus+ and how does Key Action 1 enable mobility+?

The European Union's Erasmus+ program is a funding scheme to support activities in the fields of Education, Training, Youth and Sport. This program specifically aims to support mobility and lifelong learning in the field of adult education by funding educational organisations who want to enlist their members to attend international training courses in different EU countries.

2. Is my organisation eligible to apply for Erasmus+ Key Action 1?

Different types of educational organisations (universities, schools) are all eligible to submit applications for covering funding for training courses. However, it is advisable to always consult with your National Agency before starting the application process and to verify your organisation’s official status.

3. Which members of the organisation can take part in Erasmus+ Key Action 1?

Each member of the organisation (teachers, head managers, marketing department, administrative staff, project managers,…) can attend our training course depending on their specialty and field of work in which they want to advance and making sure that the chosen course is aligned with the Erasmus+ Key Action 1 application requirements. 

If more than 5 members of an organisation would like to attend one of our courses, it is possible to organise training specifically for them. Inform us in advance so we can meet your particular needs.

4. What are the necessary steps to get Erasmus+ funding?

- Whether you are just thinking about or are in the process of applying for an Erasmus+ grant and would like to take part in one of our courses, we advise you to first fill out our preregistration form.[preregistration form

- You can apply for grants exclusively through your organisation. Before applying for a grant get in touch with your organization regarding the course you would like to attend. Then ensure that your organization is registered with the Erasmus + portal and has its own PIC number. For detailed information consult Erasmus + guide and their how to apply section. Another helpful source of information is your national agency.

- Fill-out and submit the Erasmus + online application form and make sure that all the elements are written properly (presenting your organization’s key needs and goals, defining objectives, expected impact, results) and that the chosen course is aligned with the application. For any additional information about us or for help during the application process feel free to contact us via e-mail:

- When the results of your application are announced, inform us as soon as possible to confirm the dates of your chosen course.

5. What are the course fee and payment options?

We have designed our courses to be completely aligned with and covered by Erasmus+ grants. Educational organisations and each part of their team (teachers, administrative staff, management and marketing) can apply to Erasmus+ and receive a grant to take part in our courses. 

- All-inclusive participation fee is 1150 EUR and it includes: accommodation, meals, one-day excursion, guided Zagreb city centre tour, networking events, work materials and certificate.

It is possible to modify the full package to meet your needs. For example, you may organise your own accommodation and only attend the training programs. Also, if you would like to attend the course as a part of a group, note that we offer discounted rates for groups. Discount is valid only if there are at least 5 participants attending from the same group.

6. Who are we?

Our organisation has over 15 years of experience and success in teaching and running educational programs. We have proven proficiency in employing dynamic, innovative and creative methods of experiential learning. Our international trainers and staff are highly skilled and attentive about working with all kinds of people and adapt to meet the needs of each participant.

Upon completing the course, each participant will receive a verified certificate with all the details of the course. If requested by the participant and/or their organisation, documentation such as photos and videos will be forwarded after the course.

7. What is the number of participants for each Erasmus+ training course?

The minimum number of participants for each course is 5, and the maximum number is 8.

8. What methodology do you use in your courses?

With the aim to involve active participation and achieve the best learning experience, the course methodology is based upon dynamic, innovative and creative methods of experiential learning. 

It consists of:

Theoretical work - If you do not know what you are talking about, you will not be able to apply it. Nowadays, more and more emphasis is put on practical learning, yet theory is a necessity. You have to know the background of a subject to be able to pinpoint its challenges. 

Practical work - Through practical workshops and interactive tasks you will gain personal experience that will help you understand and implement ideas in your own work. 

Coaching - Each participant in the course will get the opportunity to receive direct feedback from our coaches. These individual consultations will result in being able to better position your skills in your respected organisation. 

The course includes a structured 5-day program with 2 additional travel days. Each program starts on Monday morning and finishes on Friday evening. Throughout the course, besides training, we will promote professional networking through a variety of social and cultural activities.

9. Where are you located?

All our courses take place in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Our premises are located in the very heart of the city centre. Zagreb is both the capital and largest city of Croatia. Its unique history and culture is reflected in its medieval and baroque architecture, open air markets and cafe culture. Zagreb is known as being lively and vibrant, a city of parks with many tree-lined streets, and for offering a high quality of living.  The city offers a variety of museums, cultural and entertainment events and hosts many sporting events throughout the year. In recent years, Zagreb has become world-famous for its beautiful Christmas market.

Come and see for yourself, Zagreb is waiting for you! 

For any further information or an answer to a specific question regarding attending our Erasmus+ courses, 
please contact us at: