My Erasmus experience in Barcelona

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend an Erasmus course in Barcelona, focusing on the use of digital tools in the classroom. I would like to share my knowledge on how digital tools can help us create more efficient, fun, and engaging lessons.

During the course, I learnt how to use digital tools to enhance the four language skills as well as how to create interactive learning resources to improve students’ grammar and vocabulary. I discovered digital storytelling apps and I learned how to transform traditional worksheets into interactive exercises that students can do online.

The platforms I was introduced to allow students to create presentations and personal stories and enable teachers to create beautiful, interactive lessons. These platforms integrate game elements into educational activities, which makes our lessons more enjoyable. I also learned how to use digital tools to create lesson plans with the help of AI.

I am very happy to implement these digital tools, which I believe will create more dynamic lessons, ensuring that students stay engaged and motivated.

My time in Barcelona was an unforgettable cultural experience. Connecting and collaborating with teachers from around the world outside of the classroom, in museums and parks, was a great learning opportunity. We shared what we knew about digital tools, which helped us grow together. Barcelona is a city rich in culture, with vibrant lifestyle and amazing architecture, and it truly left a lasting impression on me. Exploring the city was incredibly refreshing and inspiring experience I will always remember.

I highly recommend this course to any teacher looking to enhance their teaching skills with digital tools.

Laura Pavoković

This project was co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme.

Erasmus+ enriching lives, broadening minds.

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