What is a KA 1 activity within Erasmus

Hi there,

If you are a teacher, trainer or educator, I’m sure you are well aware what challenges are we facing with the change in pupils concentration, demand for the innovative teaching methods and constant self improvement to meet the standards of todays needs.

Lifelong learning is ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge and is one of the goals and  of the key elements to having a successful career and a fulfilling life/work balance.

We are here for you to:

  • Provide you with high-quality education, training and lifelong learning
  • Support educational staff in implementing competence-based teaching
  • Encourage a variety of learning approaches
  • Explore and validate new key competence

You ask yourself, what do I need to do to use those benefits?

Well, the European Commission has developed Erasmus + courses for you and your organization to use it and upgrade your skills.

But, first thing to start with is to actually find out can you and your organization get involved in Erasmus + courses and how can you get an Erasmus + grant?

To do so, you need to get into ERASMUS + KA 1 Activity that offers you 3 different types of sub activities you can choose when writing a project.

  1. Job Shadowing – yep, sounds creepy ? but I assure you, you won’t need to become a vampire to participate. This activity is created for people who want to learn good practices from their colleagues in other similar European organizations. You will most likely be participating on meetings, classes and back office activities and tasks. This way – learning by seeing, you can implement newly learned skills and practices in your organization when you get back home.

  2. Attending Training Courses – you want to upskill yourself or your organization community, learn new teaching strategies, approaches or improve your soft skills? You can choose from wide range of specialized courses. From learning and improving your English, to entrepreneurship, marketing skills or new teaching methodology. For more tips, make sure to check our description on How to find good training organization, because this will be crucial in your successful application process as well as in finalization of your project.

  3. Teaching others – this activity is designed for those who want to share their knowledge and experience in their own expertise. Find organization who is searching to upskill its team and share qualifications you are acing.

One site that will help you more to get familiar with the program is EC.EUROPA.EU .

There, you will find all the guidelines that can help you get closer to your mobility.