Reach your goal and start speaking English this summer with our Intensive Summer Course!
It has never been easier to learn to speak English confidently and fearlessly.

Our Intensive Online English Course has one goal, and that is to free you from your fear of speaking English in one month. How is that possible? Through structured conversation with the Callan Method, you actively speak English every lesson, while the teachers (native speakers) correct your mistakes. The aim of the intensive course is to, in a short amount of time, enable you to independently use the language and give you the confidence to use it actively in real-life situations.

Forget traditional courses; we teach you in a completely different way!
You will speak your first English words with us immediately –within the first 5 minutes of class!

Don't believe us? Book your test and reserve your spot on time!

When you learn English online with the Callan Method – learning is fast, fun and effective!

Forget the traditional way of learning English, because with the Callan Method you learn English speaking and communicating with native speakers.
Experience a new way of learning because you will speak and listen to English online every lesson!

The Intensive English Course is not just useless chitchat!
Our lessons are structured so that you learn new vocabulary and grammar, and repeat what you have learnt, while our native English-speaking teachers correct your mistakes immediately!

Lessons are short, intensive and fast-paced so that they will be easy for you to fit them into your schedule. Every minute is used efficiently because you actively learn the language through speaking. That's why the Callan Method is not only fast and fun, but very efficient. And what is most important – it enables you to start speaking English straight away!

3 Principles of the Callan Method

Speaking without translating

The Callan Method is an intensive course structured with questions and answers. Teachers and students speak at a fast and natural speed to avoid translating, and to learn how to think directly in the language! Don't worry, the teachers are always there to help you with your answers!


Our teachers will immediately correct your grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary mistakes. They are friendly and patient, and are there to help you improve your language skills. With Callan, you learn to speak naturally and properly.


Repetition is the mother of knowledge! The more you repeat, the easier it will be to remember and understand the language. Don't worry if you don't understand everything the first time – the work is repeated until everything is clear and you start to properly pronounce new words and phrases.

Watch this video and see how they have succeeded...

A different course for you

The Intensive English Couse is structured so that you learn the language through conversation which encourages you to think in English without translating from Croatian into English. There is no traditional learning and passive knowledge. Students are active participants during the lesson, and the teachers explain concepts, grammar structures and new vocabulary, as well as correct your mistakes in pronunciation. Because of this, the lesson is fast, dynamic and interactive, and the knowledge you gain will prepare you for real-life situations in which you will have to speak English.

The unique Callan Method

The Callan Method is an intensive method for learning English through structured questions and answers. The teachers are native speakers who randomly ask questions quickly to help you master the natural way of speaking English. Learning with the Callan Method is like learning your mother tongue - learning new words, and constantly repeating and correcting your mistakes while speaking. As opposed to the traditional way of learning, our students start speaking and using the language right from the very beginning. Lessons are dynamic, fast and interactive, and our goal is that you start speaking confidently. Our teachers are native speakers, enrichening the classes with the cultural differences from all the different English-speaking countries.


What our students say about us

This is the best English school in the world! In just a few months, I started speaking English without thinking about the grammar, because the phrases just stay in your head. There is no homework, which is the greatest pleasure!

Maja Vučić

INICIJATIVA is the best thing that has happened to me this summer. It is a great pleasure to learn English in such pleasant company. Thanks to all the teachers. They are fantastic. Everyone at the school is so kind, friendly and lovely. I definitely recommend INICIJATIVA as an excellent place for learning and socialising.

Ivanka Karačić

One of the best decisions I have made in my life is to choose INICIJATIVA. Lessons are interesting, dynamic. Even though my lessons are in the evenings and I'm already quite tired, I come home with a smile on my face. All the teachers deserve praise.

Renata Škrobot

For successful online classes, you will need:

  1. Zoom.
    Zoom is an online platform for meetings! You can dowload it here.
  2. A good internet connection 
    If you can watch Netflix without any issues, then your connection is great! A good internet connection is important for good audio and video quality. The course will only be useful if you can hear and the see the professor well, and vice-versa – loud and clear!
  3. Earphones with a microphone, and a camera 
    For better sound quality, we recommend you use earphones with a microphone, connected to your laptop or phone. And don't forget to turn on your camera!
  4. An English corner 
    Try to find a quiet corner where you can participate in the lessons with no distractions (no television or family members in the background).

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Added benefits with our

Intensive English Course

1-year free access to our online portal for learning English

The interactive platform for practising online - Callan Student Practice Area - is a unique portal on which you can download all your lessons in mp3 format, write dictations, and practise speaking and writing.

Free testing

A free initial test is required before starting the course.

Free consultations

To make sure you are progressing satisfactorily, all students can get an individual consultation in the second half of their course.


Every student will get a certificate at the end of the course.

Cook & Chat

An online workshop for practising and speaking English outside of regular lessons. An event for all students who want to practise their English in a real and relaxed environment, socialising and chatting + learning how to make fantastic meals with the help of professional tips from a top chef!

Entry to MEMBERS ONLY FB page

A Facebook group which is a treasure to all our students. 

Here you can trade content, ask for advice and get access to our latest workshops and events.

Do you want to free yourself of the fear of speaking English?

Start speaking English and get rid of mental blocks in a month. 

Learn English with the fast and natural Callan Method and native speakers.

Lerarn English up to four times faster with native speakers

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