Start speaking English confidently – online!

Group Course

It doesn't matter whether you like being the centre of attention or not, because during a Callan lesson, every student has equal speaking time. This is what makes it different from traditional methods.

Individual Course

Individual courses are one-on-one lessons with a teacher, focused on your personal needs and maximum progress.

Business Course

The English Business Course is for companies and individuals who want to invest in themselves, their product, and human potential for conducting successful business practices in English.

Online Course

Start your online adventure learning English live (in a group or individually) in virtual classrooms with native speakers! Learn English from the comfort of your own home or office. Your location is no obstacle with the online course.

Why should you join an English course at our school?

We have been helping people speak English confidently for over 16 years! We use the Callan Method, which is a fast method consisted of structured conversation with native speakers. We are the only school in Croatia that is certified to teach the Callan Method. We teach online, in Zagreb, and in Split. Our students learn English actively, practising it during the lesson. The goal of the method is to improve your listening, understanding and speaking skills. 

Callan classes are fast-paced, dynamic and interactive! During a Callan Method lesson, students speak English the whole time, and the teachers are there to correct your mistakes! Repetition makes you more fluent and, most importantly, raises your confidence level and frees you from your fear of speaking.


We encourage you to actively speak during the whole lesson, in which you also learn grammar with native speakers.


Our teachers are native speakers from various English-speaking countries. We simulate real-life situations, as if you were in New York.


Take advantage of free activities – join our choir, book club, and meet-ups in English.


We provide constant support during your studies by way of individual consultations, and we also keep track of your progress.



Choose a time for your free online English knowledge test

So you've finally decided to overcome your fear of English, and say 'enough is enough' to failures and tiresome studying without real results?

Congratulations! You've come to the right place! Reserve a slot for your free English knowledge test by clicking on the button below. Choose a time that best suits you and be online at the scheduled time to find the right course for you.


Be online at the scheduled time

The time has come for your test. Follow the instructions in the email and click on the link to join the meeting! You need the Zoom application installed on your device. Find our what level of English you are at and, with our coordinators, choose the best course for you.

Currently, the school is ONLINE. The office, teachers and courses are all ONLINE.


Participate in online trial lessons

Before signing up, we invite you to take part in two trial lessons, during which you will get to know us, our method and way of teaching! Meet our teachers, current students, and check to see if we are the right school for you!


Decide if we are the right school for you!

Do you like us even more after you've met us? That's a great start! But we are aware that learning is a long-term process which requires a lot of hard work, so that's why learning English with us is a comprehensive process. How? Join our Book Club, sing in our choir in English, read our blogs and practise on the Callan portal at home! You'll soon discover a new you.

“Learning another language is like becoming another person.”

Haruki Murakami

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