Croatian language for refugees

Project Description:
We have been implementing the Croatian language program for refugees since April 2022. This project aims to provide high-quality and continuous teaching of the Croatian language to refugees living in the City of Zagreb.
Croatian lessons are conducted by experienced volunteers who help refugees develop their language skills and get to know Croatian culture and traditions.
In addition to linguistic integration, we conduct cultural and creative activities for participants of Croatian language courses with the aim of stronger integration into the local community. We are focused on stress-free and easy language learning with as little use of textbooks as possible, emphasising experiential language learning through conversation. Through our language courses, we implement creative tools such as the Callan method, the storytelling method and alternative learning methods, which increase self-confidence, stimulate the creation of social networks and improve communication skills.
The Croatian language program is free for all persons under international protection and asylum seekers and takes place in two groups at the premises of the Initiative.
To join the free Croatian language program, contact us at education@inicijativa.biz

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January 15, 2024

Croatian Language for Refugees