Digital Integration for Equality

Project Description:
The aim of this project is to support lifelong learning and education of migrants and members of the Romani community through the development of free digital learning platforms. By doing this, we can directly contribute to their better socio-economic integration. The partnership of four country members of the European Union (Croatia, Slovenia, Germany and Belgium) will create an interactive digital course in the fields of active citizenship, workforce integration, digital literacy, and healthcare (focusing on women's reproductive health). The platform will be available in several languages, while the educational material will be translated into Arabic, Farsi and Romani, to ease access to education for migrants and Romani within the EU.
Taking into consideration the fact that integration is always a two-way process, alongside platform development, research will be conducted on the obstacles that these vulnerable groups come across in the field of adult education. The results will be published in the form of a handbook intended for adult education experts, especially those who work with migrants and Romani people throughout Europe. There will be extra focus on encouraging relevant organisations and institutions to use digital platforms as a secondary tool in their work with these groups, for the benefit of their better social integration.

Digital Integration for Equality

Name of Tender:
KA2 Strategic Partnership in the Field of Adult Education

Coordinating Body:
Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes

Project Holder:
Initiative - Centre for Education

Ljudska univerzaLendava (Slovenia), Welcome Home Brussels (Belgium), Institut fur Roma und Minderheiten (Germany)

Total Project Value:
120.000,00 euro

Percentage financed from Erasmus+ funds:
100 %

Project Duration:
24 months

Co-financed by European Union Erasmus+ Programme Funds

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November 7, 2022

First partner meeting as part of the project “Digital Integration for Equality“