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The traditional approach to learning English doesn't work for everybody.  

Individual English lessons
online or at our school

Try a completely new way of learning English that focuses on listening and speaking.

Improve your English and prepare yourself for new career challenges!

Learn 1-on-1 with your teacher in a stimulating atmosphere

All the focus is on you and your specific language needs

Lessons are flexible and fit easily into your schedule


Individual (or semi-individual) classes take place 1-on-1 (or 2-on-1) with your teacher, and we are dedicated to you and your needs. The main focus is on you and your improvement. We suit your tempo, needs and specific requirements. With an array of innovative, creative and extracurricular content, learning to speak comes easy.

Number of members

With individual lessons, you are alone with the teacher, while with semi-individual lessons, there are two students in the lesson. With semi-individual lessons, it is important that both students are on the same level, which is checked during the initial testing.


Individual and semi-individual lessons take place as often as you like. They can be every day, a few times a week, or even every second week. You can determine the tempo with your teacher and see what is best for your needs.

Teachers – language consultants

In individual and semi-individual lessons, you will most likely switch between two different teachers – or language consultants. In real life, you never communicate with only one person, so we help you to learn by putting you in real-life situations.

Time and location

Your individual or semi-individual lessons can be held during any time of the day. You can set times with our schedule coordinators at Initiative, usually on Fridays for the following week. Your lessons can be online (on Zoom), at our school, or at your office, depending on the epidemiological situation. We will find the best content for you, and we do have a lot of it! 


The duration of your membership depends on your wishes, goals, and needs. Sometimes you just need to prepare for an upcoming conference, but we always recommend continual and systematic language learning for the best results. The length of your membership isn't tied to your level, but to success.

How to decide

Depending on your plan and course program, which we will create after your free consultation with one of our teachers, we will suggest the most efficient learning option tailor-made for you, as well as many extra activities for our members. You will truly see results with the Callan Method. Try it!

Improve your English, tailor-made for you!

leon lučev


I succeeded in speaking English freely!

Learning English at Initiative with the Callan Method showed excellent results for me. The method improved my communication skills and provided me with much more freedom in using English. I liked the whole process or learning. I was forced to “think in English“. The teachers are native English speakers (America, Australia, Ireland, the UK), which helped me recognise and understand different accents and dialects.

Leon Lučev 

Do you want to speak English without fear or barriers? To confidently communicate in English, you need to find a new way of learning that focuses on speaking. At Initiative, we know that getting stuck for words is the main cause of your fears and frustrations. This is a common problem which can easily be solved with the Callan Method. Over years and years of teaching, we have successfully taught thousands of people to speak English confidently and fearlessly. We now have a special winter offer for individual English courses online – business or general. Grab the offer and prepare yourself for new career opportunities on time!



| Tempo and lesson times: as agreed |

Lesson price: 35,00 €
Discounts on packets of 30 lessons


| Tempo and lesson times: as agreed |

Lesson price: 44,00 €
Discounts on packets of 30 lessons

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Watch this video and find out how you can
speak English confidently online – a new method of learning

Has the challenge of speaking English become a daily issue for you lately? For many people, understanding and even writing in English isn't a problem, but when it comes to speaking – this is where we get stuck for words, our confidence drops, and we often cannot come up with a simple word... This can all be rather frustrating. At Initiative, we are specialised in English, and our lessons focus on speaking and fluency. We will teach you to speak English confidently and without barriers in any situation!

The steps we advise you to take are to book an online test with one of our teachers, get familiar with the method, and then choose the type of course that suits you the best. So, pick a time for your consultation. You can now stop worrying about your English and start speaking confidently and freely.

How to start?

Choose a time for your free
consultation and knowledge test

Be online at the agreed time and speak to one of our teachers in real time!

Check out all the benefits of
becoming a member of Initiative!

The first step you have to take is to book a consultation with one of our teachers, find out all the benefits of becoming a member, and see how we can help you speak English confidently! Stop worrying about your English and start speaking confidently, freely and fearlessly. Bravely, creatively and innovatively!

Rid yourself of fear and language barriers

Native speakers

Learn anytime, anywhere

A little more about Initiative...

Initiative – Centre for Education nurtures the culture of English language learning through practical workshops, courses and activities, which are available to all our members. We believe that completely immersing yourself in the language through the organisation's activities brings the best results. We help our members get rid of their fear of speaking English, as well as help them gain fluency and confidence.

We don't use the traditional method of teaching, but provide all of this with the Callan Method. This is a fast and dynamic method which is structured through guided conversation with native speakers. Our members learn English actively, practising their speaking skills through a number of different activities. Our goal is to improve your listening, comprehension and speaking skills. The method is focused on real, spoken English (not academic English).

Benefits for our members!

1-year free access to our online English learning portal

The interactive platform for learning English – Callan Student Practice Area – is a unique portal from which you can download audio in mp3 format, write dictations, and practise your speaking and writing.

Book Club

All members have access to our Book Club, where, along with reading, you can practise your speaking and presentation skills during our regular meetings.

Hiking Club

Put on a smile and a good pair of shoes – spending time in nature, walking and relaxed conversation is an essential part of outdoor learning. Bring your friends along, because Initiative is reaching new heights!

Free consultations

After four weeks, you can arrange an individual consultation to make sure you are improving at a satisfactory rate.

Great Workshops

Every member can take advantage of extra, top-quality workshops. Innovative, creative and fantastic content will open up a whole new world of language for you.

Friday Revision Lessons

For all members who would like to additionally revise and strengthen their knowledge, we organise extra revision lessons on Fridays where members can practise and improve their communication skills.

Cook & Chat

An online workshop to practise your English – for all members who would like to socialise and speak English in relaxed conversation + learn to prepare top notch meals with tips from a professional chef!


Perfect your accent and vocabulary in our choir. Free your voice in English and enjoy it like never before. Sing with us!

How you speak English really makes a difference – find out why!

Download our ebook and check if you make these 10 mistakes!

Learn from native speakers and avoid making typical mistakes while translating from Croatian into English!

In this ebook, find out how to successfully apply tactics to sound natural in English.

Download the ebook "10 mistakes Croatians make when speaking English

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“Learning another language is like becoming another person.”

Haruki Murakami

Don't just take our word for it, find our how you can speak English confidently and fearlessly!

Don't take our word for it! 

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