Speak English Confidently with the Callan Method

Learn to speak English confidently and without hesitation. Improve listening, comprehension, and speaking skills with the help of native speakers!

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Course overview

Master practical English for career growth and modern life with our Callan Method-based course. From intermediate to advanced levels, our focus is on confident English speaking and enhanced fluency.

The Callan Method ensures a swift and dynamic approach, emphasizing guided conversation with native speakers. Students engage actively, practicing English throughout the lesson. The primary goal is to enhance listening, comprehension, and speaking skills. Learners speak English continuously, receiving real-time corrections and guidance from teachers.

Repetition fosters fluency, boosting confidence and eliminating the fear of speaking. Even with limited English knowledge, our native English teachers create a dynamic learning environment for rapid skill advancement.

Participants benefit from workshops addressing daily operations, making this Erasmus+ course ideal for intermediate and advanced levels. Prepare for everyday situations, both online and offline, with practical English proficiency.

General English Course with native speakers

With the Callan Method for English language learning, our intensively trained teachers make participants speak from the moment they enter the classroom. Our dynamic and fast-paced method is taught by native speakers who ask participants questions designed for their language proficiency. The teachers then assist learners in their answers and correct any inconsistencies in pronunciation, grammar usage and sentence structure. Participants will also be guided through relevant workshops that will assist in their daily operations.


SPLIT, Croatia

  • 3.-9. June. 2024. confirmed
  • 10. - 15.  June 2024.
  • 17. -22. June 2024.
  • 24. -29. June 2024.  confirmed
  • 1. - 6. July 2024
  • 8. - 13. July 2024. confirmed
    15. - 20. July 2024. fully booked
  • 22. - 27. July confirmed
  • 29. Jul-3. Aug 2024.  confirmed
  • 5.- 10. Aug 2024.
  • 12. - 17. Aug 2024. confirmed
  • 19. - 24. Aug 2024.
  • 9.-14. Sept 2024. confirmed

Autumn 2024. - to be announced

Course fee

  • 5 days of training 
  • 1 day of cultural activity
  • snacks and coffee



 You have created opportunities during the course for us not to be afraid to speak up, despite our mistakes.  Since then, I have found myself speaking in English on various occasions, for example when I am driving a car, litening songs.
 It's a wonderful feeling. I will definitely want to continue learing with the Callan method. I have also started to use this method in my classes with foreigners whom I teach Polish. They are a little surprised, but they start talking and are happy about it.

Monika teacher - Szkoła Podstawowa, Poland 

Main objectives 

The focus of this Erasmus+ training course is to improve overall comprehension and use of the English language for all levels of knowledge. This course is applicable to everyone and will be composed of structured Callan Method lessons and a variety of relevant workshops.
Participants will be instructed entirely in English on proper pronunciation and sentence structuring and will use the power of repetition to achieve this smoothly. Participants will also be guided in upgrading their written correspondence such as e-mails and letters, as well as verbal skills for presentations, calls and meetings.

Participants can expect to:

  • Actively and confidently speak in English at all times
  • Improve understanding and listening skills
  • Learn grammar and sentence structures
  • Be instructed on how to properly pronounce words and complex sentences
  • Become familiar with technical English for professional activity
  • Improve presenting, speaking and writing skills in English

Daily Program

Day 1 – Course introduction
- Introduction to the course, the school, and the week’s external activities;
- Setting the framework: expectations, goals, rules and roles;
- Basics of the Callan Method;
- Callan Method English lesson.

Day 2 – Grammar Lab and Deeper Understanding of the Callan Method
- Callan method English lesson
- Grammar LAB – revision and practice of the most common grammar rules;
- Callan Method English lesson 

Day 3 – English Business Communication skills

- - Callan Method English lesson
Workshop: Business Communication in English

Day 4 – Small Talk and Presentation Skills

- Workshop: Business Small Talk in English
- Callan Method lesson
- Workshop: Presentation Skills (theory and practice – learn how to present yourself and your institution)

Day 5 – Revision Class and Final Examination
- Callan Method full revision class;
- 1-on-1 consultations.
- Course evaluation: round up of acquired competences, feedback, and discussion;

Day 6 - Cultural activities
- Awarding of the course Certificate of Attendance;
- Excursion and other external cultural activities.

Who is it for?
This Erasmus+ training course is designed for any member of an organisation, be it trainers, school management, administration staff, marketing advisors, etc.

Language proficiency
This Erasmus+ course is suited for all levels of English proficiency.
* Before the course begins, all participants will be tested on their English language knowledge and, according to the results, the course will then be customised to their level.

Our mission is very simple. We want to help you speak English confidently and without hesitation.
We are helping people speak English confidently and lose their fear of making mistakes. The Callan Method approach is a fast and dynamic method that consists of guided conversation with native speakers. Our learners utilise English actively by practising it during the lesson. The goal of the method is to improve listening, comprehension and speaking skills.
Callan Method classes are fast-paced, dynamic and interactive! During a Callan Method lesson, learners speak English the whole time, and the teachers are there to correct all mistakes in real time with actual examples! Repetition makes you more fluent and, most importantly, raises your confidence level and frees you from your fear of speaking.

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