Cultural Paperclip

Project description
The "Cultural Paperclip" project has been implemented in partnership with the Youth Culture Centre “Ribnjak“ and includes cultural integration activities, which aim to contribute to the stronger integration of refugees in the area of the City of Zagreb.
As part of the project, workshops are planned for cooking and tasting traditional dishes of residents and refugees, tours of Zagreb neighbourhoods and landmarks, visits to museums of the City of Zagreb, storytelling workshops and drama performances. Refugees and the local population alike participate in the activities to support stronger social integration and the feeling of belonging to a new social environment, which increases the level of awareness of the local population about the obstacles refugees face in their new environment and builds mutual trust and acceptance.
An additional value of the project is the informal learning of the Croatian language, given that all project activities involve the participation and connection of a large number of members of the local population and migrants, and thus, intensive communication between the participants, which contributes to relieving the fear of talking to strangers and strengthening the self-confidence of individuals.

Tender name:
Public tender for financing programs and projects of associations in the field of human rights promotion from the City of Zagreb Budget for 2023.

Public body:
City of Zagreb

Project holder:
Initiative –Centre for Education

Youth Culture Centre “Ribnjak“

Total value of the project:
2.000,00 eura

Duration of the project:
12 months

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