Project title
Empowering adult educators - exchange of best practice for the benefit of local communities - EmPowerUp

Project description
The project aims to empower educators and animators working in local communities with diverse methods such as Neighbourhood Activity Spaces, storytelling, SEL coaching, and participatory art. The ultimate goal is to foster active citizenship among diverse groups of inhabitants, particularly in the context of increasing migration and refugee populations
Specific objectives include

- Equipping educators and animators with new methods of work tailored for heterogeneous groups with diverse nationalities.
- Improving competencies and refreshing approaches for educators and animators dealing with increasingly diverse groups
- Passing down acquired knowledge and skills to professionals working in community, thereby enhancing the broader capacity for civic engagement and participation.

Type of Fund:
Erasmus+ KA2

Public Body:
Narodowa Agencja Erasmus+ (Poland)

Project holder:
Fundacja Strefa (Poland)

Project Partners:
Initiative - Centre For Education (Croatia), Fondatsiya "Tsennosti, dobrodeteli, integritet" (Bulgaria), Center Spirala - Center samomobilnosti (Slovenia)

Main objective:
To provide educators and animators with a range of methodologies that will enable them to effectively engage diverse groups of inhabitants, fostering active citizenship within their neighborhoods and cities.

Expected result:
- Enhanced competencies and creativity among educators and animators, leading to more engaged, competent, and active societies.
- Increased empowerment of adult community members to initiate and participate in local initiatives, ultimately fostering active citizenship.
- Strengthened social inclusion through citizens' participation in social life, aligning with the principle of lifelong learning and the European Pillar of Social Rights.

Grant awarded: 30.000,00 €

Duration: 01.01.2024. do 28.02.2025. 

Contact person: dzenana@inicijativa.biz

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May 1, 2024