Step Up

Project Description:
This project is focused on developing and strengthening management skills within our organization, as well as implementing innovative online teaching techniques, in which 6 of our employees will have the opportunity to learn and grow in order to improve the organization and provide students with a better, easier and more well-rounded education. As part of the project, our employees will travel to Italy and Germany, where they will learn about innovative and informal teaching methods.

Erasmus+ KA1

Public Body:
The Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes

 Project Holder:
Initiative - Centre for Education

ELA: Erasmus+ Training Courses for teachers and educational staff and Europass Teacher Academy

Main goal:
To strengthen the organizational structure and employee and team management skills, as well as improve online facilitation skills in order to develop better online courses

Expected results:
6 additionally educated and skilled teachers. By the end of the project, we expect employees to have gained the necessary knowledge and confidence to be able to successfully manage new teams

Grant awarded: 12.454,00 €

Implementation Period: 01.9.2021. - 28.02.2023 (18 months)

Contact person:

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