3rd Project Meeting – Virtual Visit to Ljubljana with the European Senior Exchange

From the 3rd to 5th of November 2021 we participated in a virtual meeting of a project we are partners of: European Senior Exchange.

The activity was led by partners from CDI Univerzum from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Unfortunately, our meetings still cannot be held live. The project itself is aimed at activities for seniors who are a risk group at the moment, and therefore need more precautions when planning activities. Fortunately, the partners from CDI Univerzum were organised and creative enough to give us a valuable experience of their country and the city of Ljubljana in virtual form. 

The virtual meeting was attended by several elderly people, one of whom is our participant. Through creative online activities, they had the opportunity to learn about some of the main cultural features of Slovenia and Slovenes. 

Virtual Tour of Ljubljana and its Sights

The participants were taken on a virtual tour of Ljubljana with a personal guide, who was simultaneously walking with a camera through Ljubljana and telling the stories and tales of the city. This gave us the opportunity to learn more about Ljubljana, as we were practically right there. We also had a virtual presentation at the National Gallery. With all the art being digitized, the curator was able to show the art as if we were in a real gallery and, at the same time, tell the story of each individual piece. 

We really felt like we were walking through the gallery and appreciating the art. This all gave us a better understanding of how Slovenian art and artists were being influenced and influential in their own era.

Review of the 3rd Project Meeting as Part of the European Senior Exchange

On the last day, we were given a crash course on the Slovenian language, where Croatians had some advantage, for sure. 😊 But nevertheless, we must admit that Slovenians are far better in Croatian than Croatians in Slovenian. 

All in all, we take our hats off to the Slovenians for organising and mastering online tools for teaching and holding online meetings. This is one of the most valuable experiences we have had during this project.

We can fairly say that, although Slovenians are our next-door neighbours and we share a lot together, we enjoyed their simplicity, love for nature, and funny phrases.

Jelena Posavec Smilović

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Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.