Move the Initiative

Project description: 

This project is focused on the development of innovative methods of teaching, in which 5 of our employees will get the opportunity to learn and improve in order to provide better, easier and more well-rounded language learning. As part of this project, our employees will travel to Bologna, where they will learn about innovative and informal teaching methods. Take Initiative is a project focused on modernizing the English language curriculum at Initiative. Modernizing the curriculum was needed to increase the quality of programs the school provides.

To improve the quality of work, our school will add to the current curriculum, which is based on the Callan Method, by implementing modern and innovative methods of language learning to follow the needs of our students. The use and implementation of innovative and informal methods of learning have proven to be an excellent way to teach students with diverse needs and backgrounds, because it provides better synergy within a group, like experience-based learning. The target groups are adult learners who are in need of improving their English to be able to advance in their careers and to improve their competencies on the job market. By introducing informal and innovative methods into our work with adults, it will help us to create a curriculum that is more inclusive and directed towards the specific needs of students, focusing on their personal growth, both privately and professionally. To increase the quality of English teaching, it is necessary to invest in new knowledge and skills for our teachers, and that is why the specific goals are directed towards the development of professional potential for our teachers.
Planned activities take place during structured courses lasting 7 days per mobility. Course topics are as follows:

1. Effective Classroom Management Strategies and Ideas for teachers,
2. Innovative teaching methods for teachers and education staff,
3. Non-formal education and innovative teaching methods,
4. Intercultural learning and Cultural Diversity in education,
5. Diversity in the Classroom: teaching tolerance and overcoming prejudices.

Erasmus+ KA1

 Public Body:
The Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes

Project holder:
Initiative center for education

ELA: Erasmus+ Training Courses for teachers and educational staff.

Main goal:
To modernise the curriculum of Initiative English Language School

Specific goals:
1. Introducing informal and innovative methods into our work with adult learners
2. Improving participation and integration in work with marginalized people

Expected results:
5 additionally educated and trained teachers. By the end of the courses, we expect results in the organization of courses based on a positive and motivating environment, the introduction of new, innovative methods of teaching in our curriculum, and their successful implementation in the classroom.

Grant awarded: 11.580,00 €.

Implementation period: 31.12.2020. - 30.3.2022.(15 months)

Contact person: jelena@inicijativa.biz

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